Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Visit Institute For Creation Research, Look to Prove God Exists

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During a trip to Texas, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald visited the Institute for Creation Research, which apparently exists and it exactly what it sounds like.

Creationism FTW

Ben Seewald captioned the photo of the duo above:

"This morning, Jessa and I had the privilege of visiting the Institute for Creation Research! We got to tour and meet all the scientists there!"

"Really cool! Got to chat with Dr. Jason Lisle."

Dr. Lisle, he says, has made "a number of scientific discoveries regarding the solar photosphere and has contributed to the field of general relativity."

"He graduated summa cum laude from Ohio Wesleyan University; he double-majored in physics and astronomy and minored in mathematics."

Ben's not just name-dropping, of course.

The staunchly conservative Duggars (and Duggar in-laws) are never shy about promoting their views on religious, political or even scientific matters.

In Lisle, and his impressive credentials, Seewald sought to show fans that scholars and science are not diametrically opposed to creationist thinking.

Seewald posted an interview with the scientist in which the 19 Kids and Counting star asked the question, "How can you prove to me that God exists?"

As we know from their past trip to the Creationism Museum, Jessa and Ben love to question evolution and Atheism at nearly any opportunity.

In this case, they focused primarily on the latter.

In Dr. Lisle's opinion, no one is actually an Atheist, they just choose to repress the idea of God - who by the way created the universe we live in today.

Interesting stuff, whatever you believe in.

In less controversial Duggar updates ... the pregnant Jessa is doing well during her first pregnancy so far, an insider reports, according to E! News.

"Jessa's pregnancy is going well so far," says the insider. "She has barely been sick. She did have a spell for about three weeks but feels great now."

That's really just wonderful to hear.

Only a few days after they shared the exciting news with fans, the couple hinted in a clip for TLC that perhaps Jessa Duggar is pregnant with twins.

They do run in the family: Michelle, Jessa's mom, has given birth to two pair (her 19 Kids and Counting are from 17 births)! So you never can tell ...

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