Jenny McCarthy Tattoos Love for Husband on Hand

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Jenny McCarthy may not be down with dairy or with child vaccinations.

But she's all about Donnie Wahlberg!

This may be evident because McCarthy is married to the actor, but McCarthy recently doubled down on that affection when got two new tattoos on her fingers.

One says her husband’s first name. The other says the only word that really matters in life: love.

Donnie Wahlberg Tattoo

"Cuz I do.....," the former View host wrote as a caption to this Instagram reveal.

Later, in response to fans who doubted the validity of this ink, McCarthy joked about her own breast implants when responding:

"I'm not used to saying the words 'it's real' but yes, it's real."

We're not in agreement with McCarthy when it comes to the whole vaccination thing. But that's pretty funny.

McCarthy married Wahlberg last August and the two star on an A&E reality show titled "Donnie Loves Jenny." She says his penis fits her vagina perfectly.

Meanwhile, she now joins many other celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, who have distinctive tattoos on their body:

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