Deranged Man Obsessed With Wolverine Kills Family

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It is not uncommon for celebrities and even comic or cartoon characters to have mega-fans and followers.  But one man took his obsession with a comic book character to a terrifying extreme.

Tragically, over the weekend, a family of three became the victims of a heinous crime that may have been inspired by a man's obsession with the Marvel comic character Wolverine.

Jed Allen Instagram Pic

A British man who was obsessed with knives and comic books reportedly killed his family in a wooded area near Oxford University Parks.

The police are still asking questions as to would could have caused 21 year-old Jed Allen to murder his mother, stepfather, and 6 year-old sister.

Allen frequently posted Instagram pictures of himself posing as Wolverine with steak knives between his fingers.  This is leaving many to believe that Wolverine may have been his inspiration for the murders.

The victims’ autopsy reports are still pending, but authorities believe all three people were killed with a blade.

More than 100 police officers were on the hunt for Allen.  The manhunt ended when Allen’s body was found.

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