Couple's Wedding Picture Reveals Creepiest Photo Bomber of All Time

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You will not believe how creepy this wedding photo is ... not because of the happy bride and groom, but because of who (or what) is CREEPING.

The groom posted the above photo to Imgur, with the caption that it had been he and his wife’s favorite shot from the big day. Emphasis on "had."

A closer look at the seemingly blissful pic reveals something so eerily bizarre that the image has been tarnished - and their dreams haunted - forever.

Look again. Very closely. See the creeper? Once you see the person or thing responsible for this photobomb, you'll never be able to unsee it ...

Creepy Wedding Photo Bomb

"Me and my wife's favorite wedding photo. Until we saw what was between us," writes the man, who has not been murdered by a serial killer ... yet.

That may still happen, since "we still don't know who it was."

Oh yes. The most absurd part is that the groom says he has no idea who/what that is, so it's not like he can laugh it off with a friend or Uncle Sal.

It's as strange as it is chilling. Seriously, what is that?! It's obviously a weird, imp-like photobomber, or Gollum from Lord of the Rings ... right?

That or we're totally imagining things and this is the new #TheDress, a photo that will divide and pointlessly consume the Internet for 48 hours.

In which case ... we're Team Gollum all the way. You?!

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