Chris Soules: Fame Hungry, Staying in L.A. Post-Dancing with the Stars?!

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After being voted of Dancing With the Stars at long last Tuesday night, there is a little confusion about Chris Soules' plans post-DWTS.

Initially, The Bachelor star denied rumors that he split with Whitey Bischoff and said he and his fiancee look forward to "real life" now.

He even claimed Whitney will be moving to Arlington, Iowa, to be with him. But is he hiding inner turmoil behind those rosy comments?

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Reports are surfacing that the 33-year-old farmer doesn't want to leave the limelight just yet, and he plans on staying in Los Angeles.

A source stated, “Chris has become obsessed with Hollywood, and loves the fame he got from The Bachelor and on Dancing With the Stars.”

“Being voted off DWTS will be very hard for Chris because he truly thought the Bachelor fans would get him through to the finals,” the source added.

Soules has a quick stop for the press in New York City. Then, he will return to Los Angeles so he can prepare for the final episode of DWTS.

The source claimed he has plans after filming the final DWTS episode: “His ego has grown out of control, and he now has a publicist, and manager!”

“He would love to become known as a host for big events.”

But the elephant in the room is Whitney Bischoff. What about Whitney??? Two weeks in a row, she didn’t attend DWTS Monday or Tuesday night.

Also, she did not promote her fiancé on social media like she normally does. Typically, she is vocal and supportive of Chris’ DWTS competitions.

“Whitney thought being on The Bachelor was fun, because she had truly fallen in love with Chris. She wants to leave that behind," the insider says.

Bischoff wants to "focus on starting her life with Chris away from the glare of Hollywood ... Chris just doesn’t seem ready to give that up, however."

Soules dedicated one of his DWTS pieces to Bischoff, but is he more dedicated to his fame or his fiancee? That's the question of the hour.

You don't need The Bachelor or Bachelorette spoilers to tell you these things often fizzle out after the show, and soon. Will Chris and Whit?

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