Botched Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: All Dolly'd Up

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A celebrity impersonator was at the center of Botched Season 2 Episode 6, seeking help from Drs. Nassif and Dubrow to fix her saggy skin.

Grossed out yet? We're just getting started!

When you watch Botched online, you sort of know to expect some serious gross-out gags, given that the participants are ... well, Botched.

Rhonda went to Terry and Paul with her husband at her side, and revealed a sad saga of plastic surgery that is strangely common lately.

Not only did the doctors have to deal with the extra skin she has, but there were plenty of the last doctor’s mistakes they had to rectify.

As for the night's other patient, Margo, she inherited her issue, although Paul wasn't sure if he could help restructure her nose to her liking.

He's a professional for a reason, though, and after just a few weeks, we began to see significant improvement in Margo’s appearance.

Despite Terry’s skepticism, Rhonda's surgery it was just as much a success as Margo’s. The former Dolly Parton impersonator was thrilled.

No more duct taping herself into those girdles, baby!

Unfortunately for Daniella, who once put in breast implants, then removed them as she wanted to transition into a man, she was out of luck.

Technology hasn’t caught up with the vision she has in her head of how she would like to have her breasts and nipples fixed. Simple as that.

The doctors told her they'd be in touch, but it could be awhile until a fix is available, and there's just not a lot they can do in the meantime.

So it goes on Botched. So it goes.

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