19 Kids and Counting to Continue After TLC Fires Josh Duggar?

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TLC's 19 Kids and Counting may yet survive the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, but network execs are seriously considering giving Josh the chop.

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As we reported Friday, TLC pulled 19 Kids and Counting from its lineup as it mulls what do to next in the wake of this incredible turn of events.

The network says it is "saddened and troubled" by recent revelations that Josh was the subject of a police investigation for sexual abuse in his teens.

At least some, and perhaps all of the alleged victims were his own sisters; Duggar was never charged and the statute of limitations has since passed.

Obviously, the Duggar family's harshest critics will push for the show to get axed, given the severity (not to mention hypocrisy) of Josh's actions.

Their staunch defenders will conversely hope to see 19 Kids and Counting continue, full steam ahead, once the media firestorm blows over a bit.

A middle ground option, said to be under serious consideration at TLC, would be to proceed with the show, but only after firing Josh Duggar.

If Jim Bob, Michelle and the rest of their kids would agree to this (and they may well not even entertain it), it may be their best chance to stay on TV.

Josh has resigned from the Family Research Council, but moved out of the Duggar compound years ago and has his own life and family at this point.

In other words, he would be the easiest of the 19 Kids and Counting to logistically remove, and it's unlikely the show would suffer a big ratings hit.

Well, it might well take a huge one because of what he did to his sisters, but not because Josh suddenly wouldn't grace viewers with his presence.

TLC's research indicates that Jill and Jessa Duggar are the driving forces behind its ratings surge in recent seasons, and that's not likely to change.

Of course, the family could insist that it's all or nothing and greatly complicate this theoretical maneuver. Who knows how it will play out at this point.

Cancelation could be the only real option if all of 19 Kids' big advertisers bail, but the show is also renowned for its a strong, loyal evangelical base.

Would removing Josh but keeping the show on satisfy critics and allow things to go back to normal for TLC and the rest of the Duggars? You tell us ...

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