19 Kids and Counting Season 15 Episode 18 Recap: Anna's Having a ...

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Having focused primarily on Jessa and Jill Duggar in recent weeks, 19 Kids and Counting Season 15 Episode 18 pivoted back to Josh and Anna.

The first-born of Jim Bob and Michelle's 19 Kids (and Counting) is expecting a fourth of his own, with Anna pregnant and her due date nearing.

You know what that means. Four words: Gender. Reveal. Par. Tay!!

If you watch 19 Kids and Counting online, you know that for a crew that won't drink, smoke, go to the beach or show skin, the Duggars love parties.

It's a fun-loving group, even if the Duggars don't allow things most of us consider commonplace, and abide by a very strict set of beliefs.

Before the latest bash, Anna hired an ultrasound technician to visit their home in Washington, D.C., where Josh works as a political activist.

After the couple's three children got to see their youngest sibling in an ultrasound, the technician then wrote the gender on a piece of paper.

Sealed in an envelope, the results would be revealed at a massive Arkansas baby shower. "It was such a fun bonding experience," Anna said.

As for what they're hoping, or thinking, the paper might say?

"I want mommy to have a little girl because we have two boys and so I need another little sister," oldest Duggar grandchild Mackynzie said.

Josh had a hunch that his daughter was off the mark.

"I really think that it's going to be a boy," he said.

Before the big reveal, Josh and Anna paid a visit to Ben and Jessa Seewald, who now live in the first house Josh and Anna resided in as a couple.

Mackynzie and Michael Duggar were literally born in that home, and as Josh notes, "It's a place that has a lot of sentimental value to us."

And mold. Just kidding, that's been dealt with!

Josh and Anna also managed to fit in a getaway to California in advance of the event. Jana Duggar probably got stuck watching their kids.

Haha, just kidding! (Not really though.)

Duggar family party planner Sierra, who organized Jessa and Ben's wedding, outdid herself once more when it came time for this week's soiree.

With blue and pink plastic flamingos littered across the property, and homemade signs lining the road, the brood definitely went ALL out.

When Josh and Anna Duggar arrived, the family surprised them by shooting confetti into the air, with the color revealing the exciting news ...

It's a GIRL! Aww. Congratulations!!

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