Tyler the Creator to Kendall Jenner: F-ck You!

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Over the weekend, Kendall Jenner went to Coachella in her best hippie costume, and she managed to steal the show from the artists on stage just by walking around looking all willowy.

Kendall spent her time getting close with Justin Bieber in a number of rich-people-only enclosures while the peasants guzzled their $11 bottles of water in the hot, dusty hell that is the other 99% of the festival.

In that way, Coachella is basically a microcosm for the rest of the world and Kendall played the role of the festival's plutocrat queen.

So it's not hard to see why the crowd got all riled up when rapper Tyler the Creator called out Kendall and her wealthy friends in the middle of his set:

During a rant about the "soft" rich folks in the VIP section, Tyler singled out Kendall in particular, saying, "Kendall Jenner here, thinking she all cute and sh-t. Hey, Kendall...f-ck you!"

The reason that moment didn't beat out Madonna kissing Drake as the highlight of the festival is because it turned out Tyler was only joking, and he and Kendall are actually total besties.

The two began exchanging social media love immediately after the incident, with Tyler tweeting, "PEOPLE REALLY THINK I HATE YOU LOVE HAHAHA!"

So sorry, huddled masses of Coachella, but it looks like Tyler the Creator is not the revolutionary leader you were looking for.

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