The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 20 Recap: Cure... All?

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The Vampire Diaries isn't exactly heading into its Season 6 finale with a great deal of momentum.

Does anyone out there really care whether or not Damon takes The Cure?

It feels like a contrived storyline because we know Nina Dobrev is leaving, so making her human (as actually did take place on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 20) was the easiest way for the show to go about it

Now Elena can either die (which would be awesome, giving Damon quite the guilt complex heading into Season 7) or simply leave Mystic Falls to start a new life elsewhere (by far the most likely scenario).

But Damon? Come on. We know he won't take The Cure and hearing him constantly express his love for Elena has grown very old.

Moreover, this story has been done before. The series itself even acknowledged that fact via flashback tonight.

So, no, we can't say that Damon suffering through some kind of existential crisis is edge-of-your-seat, season-ending suspense type of stuff.

Lily Salvatore has been a solid addition, however.

Her disdain for Stefan is fascinating to watch, as it both tugs at our heartstrings (poor Stefan) and also makes us scared for what sort of wrath she and her Heretic friends have in store.

We all know Kai will somehow lead them out of 1903 (after they finish his delicious breakfast, that is).

As for Alaric and Jo, Matt was right even before the latter learned she was having twins who would become the target of his her coven: they have no reason to stick around and every reason to leave.

Go someplace far away, Alaric, Protect your family.

We'll see the marriage actually take place on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 21 (teased below), though whether these two will live happily ever after is anyone's guess.

So, you tell us, TVD fans: do you care about The Cure storyline? Are you excited for Kai's return? And should Season 7 be it for this show?

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