Teen Mom Sneak Peek: Farrah Abraham Flips the F--k Out!

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Farrah Abraham teased her triumphant return to Teen Mom OG earlier this week, ironically ripping MTV for revealing too much about her life this season.

For a gal who revealed the inside of various orifices in a leaked-not-leaked sex tape called Backdoor Teen Mom, this is something of a dubious statement.

We'll give her this though: Her Teen Mom comeback looks drama-filled and raw ... and not in the Backdoor sense. As in emotionally. Seriously, this is nuts:

As fans who watch Teen Mom online know, the latest season has been going on for weeks with no sign of the most famous (or infamous) cast member.

That's because the 23-year-old wasn't initially invited to participate, only MTV producers ultimately changed their minds mid-season and reached out to her.

She agreed to return, but not without some heavy drama. In the above clip, we see what happened when she first welcomed producers back to her home.

Clearly disgruntled and bitter, Farrah Abraham flips the f--k out after she is asked to do an interview for the show about ... coming back to the show.

“It feels like I was dropped a year ago, then apparently now I'm not so crazy and it's OK that I'm back on TV,” the star complains to her producer Heather.

“I'm just over being judged and I guess I don't want to talk about that.”

Heather dishes it right back, telling her “Then you know what, you produce this,” and walking off to bring in Larry, Teen Mom: OG's co-executive producer.

Like Heather, Larry isn't putting up with an of Farrah's crap (she agreed to do this when they asked, after all) and predictably, this does not go over well.

Abraham soon storms out of the house in tears, leaving the camera crew preplexed and us concerned for her mental state ... and her daughter Sophia's.

And we thought last week's triple pregnancy episode was dramatic!

We can't even imagine what else lies in store this season, both in Farrah's tumultuous life and when the other girls learn that she's back in the fold.

Speaking of folds (sorry):

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