Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 4 Recap: Three People Are Pregnant Now?!

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Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 4 delved into Catelynn and Tyler's beef with their daughter's adoptive parents, while Maci and Gary shared big pregnancy news.

With their respective partners, that is. Not with each other. Yikes. Can you imagine!?

Anyway, Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 4 was full of surprises from the get-go.

We begin with Maci Bookout, who as we know is expecting a baby with Taylor McKinney. What we didn't know is that she didn't think she even could.

"My doctor said I might not be able to get pregnant again so we weren't doing anything to prevent it, because we didn't think it was possible," she revealed.

If you watch Teen Mom online, you know that's not exactly a shocker.

Only three of the eight stars of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have not gotten knocked up a second time, and not necessarily at a less chaotic place in life.

The pregnant Maci Bookout is much happier than when she was with Ryan Edwards, at least, and wants to make it official with Taylor McKinney who ... doesn't.

Declares Maci when he balks at proposing right after the baby news:

"Who cares what it looks like? At this point I'm going to have two kids by two different guys at age 23. I would like to have a ring on just for the sake of my grandparents."

Less contentious? Showing Bentley, soon to be six years old, the sonogram. Very cute. He's going to be a big brother, and a good one at that, we imagine.

Meanwhile, in Indiana, another Teen Mom family member has been conceived, and if you thought Maci's was going to cause some stress ... buckle up.

"I'm kinda shocked. I mean obviously neither one of us wanted one," Kristina Anderson said, in what hopefully won't be a video this future baby watches.

Kristina is the girlfriend of Gary Shirley, Amber Portwood's baby daddy.

Unlike Maci and Taylor, they were using birth control, but she recently switched brands, which could have resulted in Big Daddy putting a baby in that.

A baby he doesn't want, as he openly and bluntly admitted to her.

"I'm not going to be with you just because you're having a child," Gary explains to Kristina. "It didn't work with Amber. It's not going to work with you."

Damn. Gary Shirley is still with Kristina Anderson now, however, and she is due soon, so hopefully he's come down off of that stance a bit. But damn.

When Gary tells Amber, she takes it pretty well. At least initially.

Later, she breaks down, admitting this is the end of any future they may have had, and how that is crushing to her, even if she didn't think it would be.

Catelynn Lowell's second pregnancy is a much happier occasion, and she and Tyler Baltierra are keeping this one (daughter Nova Reign) and loving it.

That doesn't mean there isn't some drama afoot, however.

The adoptive parents of their first daughter, Brandon and Teresa, want to meet up with the reality stars to talk about things, and Tyler is not happy about it.

At issue? Baltierra is pissed off about not being "allowed" to share pictures of Carly on his social media accounts, as Brandon and Teresa have insisted.

Frustrating, sure, but he's got to respect their wishes here.

It's commendable that Tyler and Catelynn have a relationship with Carly and sweet that he wants to share that with the world, but he is not her parent.

Hopefully, once the tempers subside a little, he'll be in a better place to address this issue when the parties sit down, which should happen next week.

Farrah Abraham? Still MIA on Teen Mom: O.G.

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