Teen Mom O.G. Recap: Maci Bookout vs. Ryan Edwards, Take 1,103

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This week on Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 3, a.k.a. Teen Mom OG (Original Girls, not Gangsta), Catelynn, Maci and Amber each faced their share of drama.

What else is new? Certainly not much in the case of Maci, who went at it with baby daddy Ryan Edwards in epic fashion, much like they always have ....

After Ryan is very late to pick up Bentley, Maci Bookout is fed up, and not just 'cause they somehow picked a shady, remote gas station for drop-off.

She's had it with him, and if you watch Teen Mom online, you know that's nothing new. The duo finally agrees to meet for lunch to hash out their issues.

A lunch Ryan is 30 minutes late for.

Edwards tells Bookout to call him, not his mom to discuss the schedule for Bentley. The fact that a grown ass man even has to state this is hilarious.

Not that we blame Maci for going through his mom. On last week’s episode, fans may recall, the dude declared he was too busy for a phone call.

On Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 3, Maci took the high road with her ex, saying, “I want to include you. I want to co-parent with you, not your parents."

He nods. Hopefully he gets the message this time, and since Maci made a point not to fight with him and try to include him, he can respond in kind.

In the life of Amber Portwood, things are also complicated, but not because Gary Shirley is a deadbeat. On the contrary, he wants her more often.

“Can I have time with you forever?” Leah asks Amber, who's doing her very best to keep it together since her release from prison, and we commend her.

Portwood, who recently got engaged to Matt Baier, says she has every intention of seeking full custody of Leah, though we hope that's just for show.

She and Gary actually co-parent fairly well, and seem to be happy with the people they're with (Shirley's having another kid with Kristina Anderson).

Can't they all just get along?

As for Farrah Abraham ... she still has not appeared on the show. We don't get it. Eventually, the controversial Backdoor Teen Mom star has got to show up.

Meanwhile, as they prepare for their baby's arrival, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra can't help but reflect on the daughter they gave up for adoption.

They visit Carly on occasion, but Tyler is feeling slighted and doesn’t think that’s enough, so ... he goes on Facebook to post a slideshow video of Carly.

That, fans know, is a big no-no.

Adopted parents Brandon and Teresa specifically the Teen Mom tandem them not to share any pics of the little girl, and yet Tyler does so anyway.

He doesn't feel it's bad, or that they should tell him what to do, but Cate - not to mention an angry phone call from Brandon and Teresa - sets him straight.

“As long as I have a relationship with [Carly], I don't give a s—t about anything else,” she says, and really, it's pretty close to impossible to argue with that.

Put the laptop down, Ty.

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