Taylor Swift Receives ACM Milestone Award from Ailing Mother

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Taylor Swift may be burning up the pop charts these days, but the young artist was still honored with a special Milestone Award at the 2015 Academy of Country Music Awards last night.

And to make things especially poignant, the trophy was presented by her mother, Andrea, fewer than two weeks after Taylor revealed her mom has been diagnosed with cancer.

Watch the following video with a box of Kleenex handy:

After a montage of Swift's most memorable ACM performances, Andrea got on stage and told the audience:

"I've watched this milestone artist from the time she was a tangle-haired little girl growing up on our farm full of imagination and creativity.

"Ever since then, her favorite thing in the world to do has been to write a song, tell a story, play a guitar or piano – and I've seen those things carry her through every emotion, every experience in her life, good or bad."

Later, her voice quivering, Andrea referred to herself as a “very proud mom” and thanked the music industry for taking such good care of her child.

Swift proceeded to give her mother a long hug and give a gracious acceptance speech.

"Somebody once told me you truly see who a person is when you tell them something they don't want to hear," she said.

"So, to the country music community, when I told you I wanted to make a pop album and wanted to explore other genres, you showed me who you are with the grace that you accepted that with. I will never forget it."

She added:

"I'm so happy that I learned to write songs in a town like Nashville. I'm so grateful that I learned what hard work is from my heroes who are all sitting here. I am unbelievably proud I learned to treat people with kindness and respect from country music."

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