Taylor Swift Fans Fold 1,989 Paper Cranes in Honor of Idol's Sick Mother

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No celebrity does more for her fans than Taylor Swift.

Incredible case in point: the singer once paid off a woman's student loans.

So it's only appropriate that a couple of fans have paid Swift back... and what a way in which they have paid Swift back!

Meet Salt Lake City residents Sam and Jo Brady. The little girls started folding paper cranes a few months ago because Japanese folklore says this allows one to be granted one wish.

In honor of Taylor's smash hit album, Jo and Sam actually folded 1,989 cranes - but then they changed their wish from tickets to a Taylor Swift concert to something far more important and profound.

Once the 11-year old and 8-year old learned that their Swift's mother had been diagnosed with cancer, they decided to use their gesture to wish her well instead.

“We thought that we should probably wish for her to get better and kick cancer’s butt,” says Sam in this home video, addressing her idol and adding:

“My mom will be shipping the cranes to you to give to your mom.”

How amazing is that?!?

We then see 1,989 paper cranes get dropped on to the heads of these selfless children.

Who, we're just guessing here, will end up receiving tickets to a Taylor Swift concert from Taylor herself once she sees this video. We love it.

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