Tara Reid Gets Drunk With Fan, Watches Him Tattoo Her Name on His Arm

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For a while there, Tara Reid was actually turning things around. And by "turning things around," we mean she landed some paying work and stopped lying about getting married.

Now, however, it looks as though Tara Reid is back to acting like Tara Reid, a sad fact evidenced by this footage of the obviously-hammered actress getting flirty with some random dude who got her name tattooed on his wrist:

We don't know what's worse - the fact that Tara is getting sh-tfaced on planes with strangers who claim to be DJs, or the fact that she instinctively responds to commands to "kiss it."

Apparently, the guy is someone named "DJ Crichy Crich," if that means anything to you. Unfortunately, the fact that he wasn't lying about the fact that he's a semi-well-known DJ doesn't make this video any less depressing.

At the beginning of this year, Tara posted some hot nude photos that led us to believe she was actually gonna get her life back on track for 2015. 

More recent photos have made it clear that Tara's New Year's pics were photoshopped and that the combination of bad plastic surgery and way, way too much parting is still taking a heavy toll on her body.

Hey, at least she's still got enough star power that fans want her name permanently etched into their skin. She better enjoy it, because we can't help but think the Sharknado trend is on its way out, and its bound to take Tara's remaining popularity with it.

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