Robert Durst Talks Love of NFL, Opera in First Letter From Jail

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It's been almost a month since Robert Durst was arrested for the murder of Susan Berman, and if he's convicted, the millionaire real estate heir could face the death penalty.

Durst has been linked to a number of other disappearances, and though he's beaten murder raps before, the odds seem stacked against him this time, and public opinion is certainly not on his side.

So naturally, what's weighing on Durst's mind most heavily these days is - you guessed it - pro football and opera.

Robert Durst: The Jinx

Durst (or someone claiming to be Durst) recently sent a bizarre letter to Los Angeles Times reporter Molly Hennesey Fiske, in which he rambled about everything from LA traffic to a past medical ailment.

"My interests are pro football and opera," Durst writes in childlike, chicken-scratch script. "Your politics and business leaders have chosen to fight rather than agree to disagree and there was no football.

"Liked LA opera except for Wagner's Ring cycle with the absurd costumes and sloped stage, a true example of Hollywood gone berserk."

Durst went on to cover his bases legally by clarifying that the letter says nothing about "charges, crimes or trials." He then extends an offer for the reporter to visit him when he "get[s] to LA."

The letter is signed simply, "Bob."

Seems harmless, but considering some of the stories about Durst that have emerged in recent weeks, Hennesey-Fiske is probably than a little creeped out by the experience of receiving the letter.

Shortly after his arrest, the judge who presided over Durst's previous murder trial claimed that the 71-year-old left a cat's head on her doorstep as an act of revenge.

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