Noah Cyrus Plays Dead for PETA: See the Graphic Ad!

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Miley Cyrus has taught her little sister well.

The singer - who is never afraid to speak her mind on controversial topics such as Indiana's new religious freedom law - has apparently passed the provocative baton to young Noah Cyrus, as evidenced by the 15-year old's new PETA campaign poster.

It features Cyrus making like the carcass of an animal used in a classroom science examination, and it's intended to make you think:

As you can see, Noah's chest is peeled back to display her inner organs.

She's invoking a desperate, sad stare as her lifeless body is prone on a table, surrounded by scalpels and other medical instruments.

Reads the caption on the poster:

"I Am Not a Classroom Experiment. Neither Are Cats, Frogs, Rats, Pigs, or Other Animals Killed for Dissection. #DissectionKills."

Miley, of course, is one of the most outspoken celebrity animal lovers out there.

Just last week, the artist held a party to celebrate the life of her beloved dog, Floyd, who was killed by a coyote one years ago.

"Because I love all animals so much, people should realize they don't have to cut into something to learn about it," Noah says in a statement via PETA, adding:

"You should ask your teacher for other humane alternatives...You'll learn so much more off of the computer. If you have the other option, why not take it?"

Noah Cyrus is merely the latest celebrity to star in an ad for PETA, but she's one of the few to do so while keeping all her clothes on.

So, in that regard, she's not entirely like her sister after all.

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