Nick Loeb Sues to Have Sofia Vergara's Baby ... Without Sofia Vergara!

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Sofia Vergara's former fiance Nick Loeb is suing her to prevent the star from destroying the fertilized eggs they created together when they were a couple.

No, this isn't from the National Enquirer. He actually filed this lawsuit. Vergara's eggs were fertilized by his sperm, frozen and kept at a Beverly Hills facility.

Nick Loeb, Sofia Vergara

Nick Loeb claims he and Sofia made a contract back in November 2013 in which they agreed to attempt to have children by means of in vitro fertilization.

Soon after, they broke up, and the 42-year-old Sofia Vergara and Joe Mangianello are now engaged. As such, the Modern Family star wants the eggs tossed.

Nick Loeb, however, insists he has the right to proceed with the plan (!?) because both parties have not agreed in writing to destroy the fertilized eggs.

The bizarre part is that in the lawsuit, Loeb claims that Vergara was abusive to him on four separate occasions, punching him in the face and so forth.

Moreover, he says she kicked him and threw a phone at his head, and repeatedly berated him while they were together during a romance of several years.

Beyond the fact that she's clearly moved on and this is a strange legal battle to begin with ... why does he want her as the mother of his kid if she did that?

Because she is the perfect female specimen and he'll never do better? Because she might be required to cough up child support to the future Loeb embryo?

We cannot say, although neither of those guesses feel like that big of a stretch. In any case, this could get really interesting if she's forced to respond ...

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