Marjorie Jackson: Dating Josiah Duggar For Fame? Or Just Excited About Having Boyfriend?

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The announcement of the most recent Duggar family courtship, featuring Josiah Duggar and Marjorie Jackson, left us with a couple of key observations:

  1. This one REALLY has to sting if you're Jana Duggar;
  2. Wow, Marjorie is ... a little intense, to put it mildly.
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"Hey, guys," Jackson says, animatedly, in the couple's video courtship announcement. "My name is Marjorie Jackson and I have some Duggar insider news for you!"

"I bet y'all are wondering: What is it? You guessed it - it's a courtship!" Marjorie continues, super excited to let us in on this big secret only she knows.

"It's one of the boys," she says, raising one eyebrow to pique our interest. "It's not John David. It's not Joseph. Not Jedediah, not J ... did I skip someone?"

Enter Josiah Duggar, 18, the next in line to be married off.

"That's right, that's right," Josiah says, excitedly joining his 17-year-old future wife on screen. "Marj and I just recently started a courtship relationship."

A wild-eyed Marjorie interrupts, "What do you know?!"

As those who watch 19 Kids and Counting online know, dating is not something the Duggars do. It's called courting, people, and it's a lot more intense.

Basically, you don't even get to this side-hugging, chaperoned-outings point in the game unless both families sign off on these two getting hitched ASAP.

Could they decide it's not working out and part ways? Sure. But that's only slightly more likely than a Jana Duggar bikini spread in next year's SI swimsuit issue.

(How awesome would that be, B-T-Dubs?! Just saying ...)

In any case, to some observers of the Duggar family at least, young Marjorie came across as a little over-the-top, almost too eager to star in this video.

Some have speculated that she's just excited to be seeing a boy at all, and at age 17 is only as awkward as plenty of others would be in that situation.

Others wonder if what really excites her is being on TV, as Josiah's road to the altar is sure to be chronicled on the wildly popular 19 Kids and Counting.

She's probably just awkward, but some fans will likely be suspicious of Marjorie - who describes herself as an author, singer and motivational speaker.

The oldest of five wildly energetic, half-Guatemalan girls, all of whom are homeschooled, Jackson does have a book out, which she published at age 15.

Marjorie authored a Biblical study guide entitled The Greatest Book You've Never Read: Why the Bible is Not Only Exciting, But It Will Change Your Life!

Okay, maybe the video really is just a harmless reflection of her effervescent personality. And who's to say you can't be in love AND love being on TV?

A whirlwind teenage romance documented by a TLC camera crew and free publicity that will no doubt help with moving copies of that page-turner?

Now that's a match made in heaven.

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