Kylie Jenner's Hips Don't Lie in Latest Curvaceous Selfie

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You may wanna brace yourselves and sit down for this:

Kylie Jenner posted a revealing selfie today.

We know, you're shocked. 

Sarcasm aside, while Kylie's racy Instagram pics are nothing new, she has been mixing up her selfie game and trying something different lately.

This week, the 17-year-old is attempting to prove that just like her famous half-sisters, she's got so much back you can see it from the front:

Kylie Jenner Curvy Instagram Pic

In the past, the focus had always been on the tried-and-true combination of her cleavage, hair extensions and artificially pouty lips.

Now, Kylie is taking us on a virtual tour of her teenage body that probably inspired Chris Hansen's recently announced comeback.

Last week, Kylie flaunted her Kardashian ass in a post that made the world wonder what she's smuggling under her skirt.

Is it just us, or do her hips look like they're some sort of optical illusion here?

Maybe this is Kylie's way of sharing a tip with her less-curvy followers:

Rock horizontal stripes only on the parts that you want to appear larger, and her millions of Instagram fans won't know what the hell to think.

On the plus side, this is probably the most-clothed selfie that Kylie has posted in months. That's the glass half full takeaway from this one.

And hey, she said she wants everyone to stop talking about her lips, and covering them up with a phone is a surefire way to change the conversation.

We're telling you - the girl puts more thought into these social media uploads than you could ever imagine. Here are many, many more examples:

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