Kylie Jenner Rocks Green Contact Lenses in Latest Selfie: At Least She's Wearing Clothes!

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Kylie Jenner's Instagram page has been even more interesting than usual lately, as the 17-year-old has been toying with a bunch of different looks that make us wonder if she's figured out a way to create new body parts with a 3D printer or something.

First, there was Kylie's Kardashian ass, which - like her sudden A-list celebrity status - seemed to come out of absolutely nowhere.

Then we got a strange view of Kylie's hips which look like they may have been attached with duct tape or some powerful adhesive.

Now, the youngest Jenner is showing us that it's not just her body she can change at will like some narcissistic X-Man. Apparently, she can change her face, as well....and for once, we're not talking about Kylie's lips:

Kylie Jenner: Green Eyes

That's Kylie rocking some pale green contact lenses, and it seems to be part of some new trend that her family is trying to make happen. Like the word "fetch," but more expensive.

Kim and Kanye rocked blue contacts a while back, but that made sense, because Kanye was promoting a new single entitled "Wolves."

We're not sure what inspired Kylie to change her eye color, other than the fact that she has way, way too much time on her hands.

Hey, at least she stopped rocking those atrocious turquoise hair extensions. Say what you will about the girl, she loves to keep it green!

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