Kylie and Kendall Jenner Kiss in Weird Snapchat Photo

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We're not sure exactly what Kylie Jenner is trying to tell us these days.

Is she saying she really, really loves her sister? Is she saying that in a family of women known for their risque behavior no one can shock quite like her? Maybe she's saying Snapchat is the new Instagram!

Whatever the case, the girl's been putting some weird stuff on social media lately.

Yesterday, Kylie put her hand down Kendall Jenner's pants in what was thankfully a very brief video. Today, she's lying in bed and kissing her big sis in a display of "rare sister affection."

Kylie and Kendall Kiss

We've seen Kylie and Kendall get inappropriate before, but it's usually not with each other.

Look, there's nothing wrong with this photo on its own (Although the fact that they appear to be lying in bed is a little strange.), but coupled with yesterday's weird groping video, we're beginning to wonder if Kylie knows where "the line" is when it comes to sisterly affection.

Whatever the case, Kylie has clearly devoted herself to doing for Snapchat what she's already done for her Instagram - making the site a little more interesting and a whole lot more uncomfortable.

Check out some of Kylie's raciest Instagram selfies below to see what you have in store, Snapchat users!

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