Kylie and Kendall Jenner: Fighting Over Fashion Show?!

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As you probably know, the Kardashian family fancies themselves gods among mere mortals in the worlds of fashion and trend-setting.

Kendall's modeling career is taking off. Kylie's look inspires teens to mutilate their faces. And, of course, Kim is releasing a book of selfies, and hard is it may be to believe, people will actually buy it.

But while the ladies of the Kardashian-Jenner clan vie for the title of She Who Can Make the Masses Spend The Most Money on Worthless Crap, Lord Yeezus watches the proceedings from on high and decides who shall reign supreme.

Kanye West Dancing
Kylie and Kendall Jenner Share a Moment

It seems that sometimes Kanye even likes to pit the sisters against each other for his own amusement, as he did at the most recent New York Fashion Week, when he bestowed his grace upon young Kylie...then totally burned her by making her wear a fugly outfit.

If you saw Kanye's weird Fashion Week exhibit, you know that he dressed a bunch of models like homeless people and made them stand around on stage for an hour.

Kanye West for Style

One of those models was Kylie, and she apparently freaked out when she saw what she had to wear.

Kendall basically told her to shut up and know her place, and Kylie wasn't havin' it, yo.

“[Kylie] exploded, yelling, calling Kendall a know-it-all and to back off,” a source tells OK! magazine.

“The whole place fell silent. She went on sniping that Kendall was only there to mess with her head and she accused her of being jealous and trying to keep Kylie out of modeling.

The witness claims Kendall then doubled-down and made fun of Kylie's plastic surgery.

"Kendall thinks Kylie looks ridiculous and she doesn’t hold back from telling her so. She also thinks it’s grotesque that Kylie has had so much work done particularly at her age,”

Now, this sounds like the kind of fight that could totally happen between two competitive sisters who have both built careers on their looks, but sadly, we just can't buy it.

New York Fashion Week was back in February, y'all! Do you really think a  KJ vs. KJ throwdown in front of dozens of peasant witnesses could've stayed under wraps for this long?

We doubt it, considering we live in a world where Kylie takes a picture of her butt and it's international news.

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