Kris Humphries During Bruce Jenner Interview: Glad I Got Out When I Did!

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Pretty much all of Hollywood and America are praising last night's Bruce Jenner interview, hailing the Olympic great and reality TV patriarch for his bravery.

Kris Humphries ... is one of the outliers.

Moronic Kris Humphries

While Bruce was opening up to Diane Sawyer about his lifelong gender identity struggle, and numerous never-before-revealed details, Kris was snarking on Twitter.

"Man, I'm glad I got out when I did," Humphries, who was married to Kim Kardashian for a whole 72 days in 2011, idiotically posted to his Twitter.


Given its timing, that comment from the Washington Wizards forward can only be a cheap shot at Bruce Jenner and the family he briefly married into.

Pretty amazing, that as Bruce was baring his soul on ABC News about how Kim Kardashian was the first to know about his transition, Kris Tweeted that.

For all the bad press Kanye West gets, Kim definitely traded up in the husband department, as she credits 'Ye with helping her accept and understand Bruce.

She's not perfect, but her instincts paid off here. On a side note, it's well documented that Kim blindsided Kris, so him "getting out" was not of his own volition.


Idiots aside, the 65-year-old Bruce is being widely celebrated for going public with his journey, telling Sawyer he has always been "mostly feminine" in spirit.

"That is her," Bruce says when shown a photo of himself competing in the Olympic decathlon, the moment that defined him long before the Kardashians.

Pretty powerful stuff, no doubt about it.

Last night, Jenner tearfully described the moment when he first tried on a dress at age eight and felt a freedom and comfort that would long elude him.

He amazingly revealed that he was burdened by his uncertainty about his sexual identity through his athletic triumphs and all three of his marriages.

He began the process of transitioning between his second marriage to Linda Thompson and his third marriage to Kris Jenner, but tabled it for 25 years.

After they split, he started up again.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner found out when they spotted their dad wearing a dress, but like the rest of his family, they are 110 percent on Team Bruce.

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