Kim Richards: Joining Daughter in Rehab?

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars and siblings, Kim and Kyle Richards, always seem to keep the drama and their careers in the family.

And this time Kim might keep it in the family even more by joining her daughter in rehab.

Kim Richards on the Red Carpet

The former child star has a history of substance abuse, as mentioned on last night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion and nearly every episode prior to that.

Though she has been sober (she says) over the last few seasons, more than one fellow cast member has recently accused Kim of relapsing

And according to Radar Online, her close friends are growing increasingly concerned and pleading that she see a mental health professional.

What may have pushed Kim over the edge is her daughter’s recent admittance into rehab; the terminal diagnosis of her ex-husband and close friend, Monty Brinson; and attacks by her notoriously ill-behaved pit bull, Kingsley.

Kim, who often seems to be fragile, is not handling the stress well.

A source states, “Kim’s friends really want her to see a mental health professional.”

The source adds, “There is only so much a person can deal with. And when looking at Kim’s history with alcohol, it just makes sense to get additional resources on board.”

Maybe the most concerned about Kim’s behavior is Lisa Rinna.

Rinna has been the target of Kim’s vitriol recently. And Rinna is “scared” of Kim.

The source claims, Rinna “is absolutely frightened of Kim because of her erratic behavior right now.”

Rinna’s concerns come after “Kim went so far as to hint that Lisa’s husband, Harry Hamlin had cheated on her. Lisa fears her outbursts will only get worse,” the source says. 

Kim pushed Rinna so far with her accusations that Rinna “ended up shattering a wine glass in frustration.”

Unfortunately, Kim does not seems receptive to her cast mates’ request.

The source confirms that “No one can force her to get help, but it’s not a good sign that she isn’t accepting it at this point.”

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