Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom: Secretly Talking! Door Open to Reconciliation!

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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have secretly been in communication with each other and may - may - even reconcile, according to a new report.

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This is not your typical tabloid fodder, like the hilarious report just last week that Khloe is pregnant with Lamar's baby. This actually seems legit.

According to TMZ, citing sources close to the (technically still married) couple, they are romantic and are not talking overtly about any reconciliation.

Yet. They don't want to close the door on their tumultuous union, either.

Khloe's divorce case been dormant in the legal system for more than a year, during which Lamar has been largely AWOL from the public spotlight.

Odom hasn't responded to Kardashian's filing, so she can either ask for a default judgment to finalize the divorce or a judge will dismiss it altogether.

Looks like she's leaning towards Option B at the moment, amazingly.

If you believe Odom sources, it's not as if he's begging her to reconcile; Lamar feels betrayed by Khloe as well, though he still has feelings for her.

Odom's camp says Khloe wants him to make some sort of "grand gesture" before she can fully move forward to him, but he has not or will not do so.

Khloe's side is pretty similar. She has a "a big heart" and doesn't want to hurt him by seeking the default judgment, but it's more than pity or sympathy.

She still has feelings for him, and if you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, you know she's been vocal about how she wishes it worked out.

So the door is open a crack ... and not the kind of crack Lamar Odom enjoyed so much that he torpedoed this once-happy marriage two years ago.

As for the pic Khloe Tweeted of her "LO" tattoo while grasping the gear shift of her new Bentley, some interpreted that as a shout out of love for Lamar.

That or she just really likes her new Bentley.

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