Kendra Wilkinson to Hank Baskett: You Are the Scum of the Earth!

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Kendra Wilkinson told Hank Baskett he was “the scum of the earth” following his alleged cheating, according to newly released footage from Kendra on Top.

Hank's mutual hand relief sesh with Ava Sabrina London, and his dishonest, evasive response to the scandal, left his wife Kendra reeling for months.

In a sneak peek from WatchIt with Kendra and Hank, in which the couple re-watches their own WE tv series and discusses it, she makes this very clear.

After consulting with Hank’s pal Travelle, Kendra calmly recalls how Hank “took away [her] whole life” at the time, even impacting her ability to breastfeed."

“It was such a gross thing, it was so gross, you don’t even understood the s--t I thought,” she scolds Hank, who takes his lumps with an ashamed look.

“I was walking around with the worst feelings," Kendra laments.

"Just the worst thoughts about you, a person who I thought was just, right-minded … and somebody who has a decent mind and a decent heart.”

That person, K-Dubs explains calmly but harshly, was pretty much the polar opposite of the human garbage Hank revealed himself to be with his actions.

Who does what Hank did with Ava London!? Who does that?!

“I was like, ‘If he’s capable of doing that, then you are in my eyes, the worst type of human being on the earth.’ I thought you were insane.”

“I just thought that you were the scum of the earth,” Wilkinson said.

“Straight out of a dumpster … [like] you grew on a piece of s--t.”

Clearly, she is still livid about the transsexual sex scandal and failed cover up, even though she took him back and he's never admitted what happened.

On a previous episode, a furious Kendra told Hank he didn't deserve her, and would be all alone if she wasn’t a “ride-or-die b!tch” in it for the long haul.

And yet the duo, who have two children, Hank Jr. and Alijah, have been working hard on their relationship and seem to be on better ground these days.

If you've seen the new Marriage Boot Camp trailer, you know they are still together and trying to make it work ... and trying to milk it for all it is worth.

The above exchange airs in full on WatchIt with Kendra and Hank, tonight on WE tv. She's either a much better actress than we thought or still very bitter.

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