Kendra Wilkinson: Struggling to Forgive Hank Baskett!

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Sometimes apologies aren’t enough. Last year, Kendra Wilkinson was ready to move on from her (supposedly) cheating husband, Hank Baskett.

Now, a year after Hank Baskett cheated on Kendra Wilkinson with Ava Sabrina London, a transsexual model, Wilkinson and Baskett have not split.

Why not? Kendra opens up about forgiving Baskett below ...

She admits she had “no idea what forgiveness even meant” after the scandal broke.

In a recent episode of Watch It With Kendra and Hank, the quasi WE tv spinoff of Kendra on Top, Kendra relives the aftermath of her husband’s scandal.

“I don’t want him gone. I want my answers. Every human being deserves closure,” the former Playboy model and Girls Next Door star tells her therapist.

Get your answers, Kendra. Then, kick the scum of the Earth to the curb.

Wilkinson later says to her husband, “I had just had a baby. I was crazy. I was hormonal. I didn’t know what the f--k was going on.”

She adds, “I am angry and I am frustrated and I have every right to be.”

Hopefully, Kendra doesn’t spend much time blaming her post-baby hormones.  Her husband hooked up with another person.  She should be pissed, not defending herself.

Recently, Kendra Wilkinson was spotted with new bling from Hank, and the two will soon be taking their drama back to reality TV on Marriage Boot Camp.

So we aren't sure Kendra is ready for splitsville. Are you?

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