Kendall Jenner: Clashing With Amber Rose at Coachella?

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The Coachella music festival took place over the weekend in Indio, California and, as usual, the stars came out to rock their priciest hippie chic attire and pretend to care about indie bands they've never heard of.

The Jenner sisters were there of course, and when Kendall wasn't busy getting friendly with Justin Bieber she was apparently deciding who gets to sit at the cool kids' table. Amber was decidedly not on the list.

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Amber Rose Coachella Photo

You may recall that Amber and the Kardashians have been feuding for quite some time. 

Really, there's been a cold war going on since Kim got together with Kanye, but things got kicked into high gear back in February when Amber criticized the relationship between Kylie and Tyga.

So when Kendall caught Amber sitting at her reserved table at a Coachella cabana, she made it known that Ms. Rose was not welcome.

According to Us Weekly, Amber wasn't aware that the table reserved. Kendall walked in and saw her resting her famous booty and reportedly said, "No way. This not happening," loud enough for Amber to hear.

Sources say Amber continued chillin', and Kendall had security escort her out.

Amber denied the story while speaking E! News at last night's MTV Movie Awards, but we could totally see this showdown taking place exactly as reported.

Nothing says "chill hippie vibe" like having your security team kick people out of your wildly expensive rented cabana.

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