Katy Perry Tweets Real Phone Number to 70 Million Followers By Accident

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Katy Perry accidentally revealed her phone number on Twitter, which is a bigger deal for her than most people given that she has 70 million followers.

Yes, 7-0. So how could she make such a blunder?

You'd be surprised (and amused) ...

The 30-year-old shared a photo of her dog Butters on Wednesday, not realizing that the pup's dog tag blatantly displayed its owner's phone number.

“B*TCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY IF B*TCH WANTS SAUSAGES!” she captioned it, referencing Rihanna's new song "B*tch Better Have My Money."

Soon after posting this, and her followers noticed the unplanned inclusion, we imagine she exclaimed something along the lines of "SON OF A B*TCH."

Some responses from Katy Perry fans included:

  • @katyperry idk if it's your phone number but you should kinda see this...
  • @katyperry hi there would you just re connect your number so we can send you a video of us singing walking on air thank you.
  • @katyperry for the record I never even noticed a number and just laughed and thought the video was cute.
  • @katyperry bae do u realise there's a phone number in that xox.
  • Imagine calling the number. You: 'KATY??' Person: 'No, this is Pizza Hut. What would u like?' You: 'i want a cheese pizza & a Katy Perry.'

You get the idea. People had a lot of fun with it.

The "Dark Horse" singer soon deleted the evidence and changed her number. If only reversing Katy Perry's Kris Jenner haircut could be done so quickly.

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