Justin Bieber Crashes Prom, Sends Students Into Hysterics

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So... how was your prom this weekend?

Did someone spike the punch? Did you get elected King or Queen? Did you get lucky afterward? Did Justin Bieber stop by?

No? He didn't? Then your prom sort of sucked in comparison to the one throw by Chatsworth High School in Los Angeles.

The artist stunned students on Saturday night by crashing their big dance, resulting in complete hysterics and a number of Twitter videos that nearly broke the Internet.

“JUSTIN BIEBER CAME TO MY PROM & I DANCED WITH HIM WTF,” wrote one somewhat excited young woman, while another added:

"@justinbieber just made our prom dope af!!!!!! HOLY SH*T!!!"

Bieber, who is believed to have attended with, Hailey Baldwin and Gabby Westbrook, Tweeted himself on Sunday afternoon:

“@CCHSRoyals always wanted to go to prom. Thanks for having me. #promcrasher."

Earlier this month, Bieber posed with a police officer, as he continues to try and improve his public reputation by engaging in random acts of kindness.

It's safe to say he accomplished that goal with this student body, wouldn't you say?

And he didn't even need a promposal tossed his way in order to do it.

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