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Yesterday, we learned that Justin Bieber was put in a chokehold and thrown out of Coachella following a bizarre encounter with the festival’s security team.

Early reports indicated that Bieber was attempting to get backstage during Drake’s set when security overreacted to the pop star making a scene.

Grainy cell phone footage of the incident seemed to support that claim:

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Now, however, fans who were standing nearby when Justin got tossed are saying that the singer sparked the incident and totally deserved to be kicked out.

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A man named Ruairi O’Keefe tweeted the photo above and captioned it, "Watched Drake with Justin Bieber until he threw water on female security."

Moments earlier, another fan tweeted a photo of Justin along with a caption reading, "Arrogant rude sh-t Justin Bieber throwing water on female security for not letting him backstage."

Many felt that Bieber’s version of events (security violently tossed him just for asking to be let backstage) didn’t make much sense, and it looks like they may have been right.

The incident could be especially damaging as it comes in the midst of the Bieber apology tour

Justin has been attempting to clean up his act and his image, but in the past week authorities issued a warrant for Bieber’s arrest in Argentina, and Coachella security thought him to be such a threat that he had to be placed in a chokehold.

Not exactly the best way to get back on the public’s good side.