Jessa Duggar Celebrates Pregnancy With Jill Duggar Baby Photos

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He might be officially known as Israel David Dillard, but some fans still like to refer to him by the hashtag nickname that was used while he was in the womb, and #BabyDilly photos are now a hot commodity amongst Duggar devotees. 

The latest family member to share some pics of Jill and Derick's new arrival is Jill's lil sis, Jessa Duggar.

Dillard Family Photo
Israel Duggar Baby Photo

Jessa posted the above images to Instagram along with some captions in which she gushes about her new nephew.

"This little man is too cute!" Jessa wrote for the collage on the right.

Naturally, Mrs. Seewald is watching Jill's every move these days, as she'll soon find herself in the same shoes. It was revealed last week that Jessa is pregnant with her first child. 

The news has apparently made Jessa sentimental, as she's been posting photos of her honeymoon with Ben Seewald and following Jill's every move, camera in hand.

It's an exciting time in the Duggar household, as the famously fertile clan is expanding at a break-neck rate.

In addition to the fact that Jessa is pregnant and Jill will probably soon be getting to work on her second, we recently learned that 18-year-old Josiah Duggar is "courting" Marjorie Jackson, which means he's probably only a couple years away from doing some procreating of his own.

Yes, the Duggar family is expanding, and we're guessing the only people who are happier about it than Michelle and Jim Bob are the execs at TLC, who are suddenly seeing some serious spinoff potential.

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