Jessa Duggar-Ben Seewald Groomsman: Addicted to Meth, Considered Abortion!

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Ben Seewald, the ultra conservative husband of 19 Kids and Counting cast member Jessa Duggar, lives a spotlessly clean and sinless lifestyle.

But his BFF and groomsman has a past that clashes with Ben and Jessa's values.

In a recent 30-minute video posted on Jessa’s YouTube page, Ben openly speaks with Ryan Schofield and his wife, Ally, about their troubled behavior in their teens and early 20s ...

There's no scandal here, though. The video seems to serve as a Duggar-Approved Public Service Announcement detailing Ryan's past rebellious lifestyle.

“I got into drugs and alcohol for at least seven years or so, in and out of jail,” Ryan explains to Ben Seewald, who married Jessa Duggar in November.

“I started off with marijuana and drinking and things like that."

"But as time went on, I got involved with methamphetamine.”

He adds, “I wanted to escape a lot of problems that I had, and anger and issues that were going on. I was depressed and selfish and self-seeking.”

After being in and out of jail and multiple felony charges, Ryan left one addiction for another. As he explains, he switched over to alcohol “because it was legal.”

“I became a raging alcoholic,” he admits to Jessa Duggar's husband.

Ryan’s wife also had her fair share of problems when they met. When Ryan was 18, he met 16-year-old Ally, who was already pregnant with someone else’s baby.

“I was super rebellious and selfish and angry. A very angry teenager. Grasping at anything to fill a void: sex, relationships, drugs, parties, popularity,” Ally says.

After she gave birth to daughter Emma, she began abusing prescription pills. And while she and Ryan were dating, they both admit to cheating and being “sinful.”

Two years after they met, when Ally was 18, Ryan and Ally were expecting a baby. They planned to get an abortion but decided to keep the baby, who is now 6.

“God and his grace intervened and didn’t let me go through with it,” Ally says of the moment that she says defined who she is now. “He changed my heart.”

When baby Emma was born, Ryan and Ally felt it was time to clean up their lives. They quit using drugs and drinking, and started attending church.

“Drugs and alcohol were easy to quit,” Ally says.

“God gave me freedom over that.”

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