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Even if you’re not familiar with the Food Stamp Challenge, you can probably guess what it’s all about just from the name.

Basically, people who are not forced to live on the meager allowances offered by SNAP or other government programs live on $29 a week (reportedly the allotment in some areas) so that they can better empathize with the plight of people who are.

The challenge was launched by celebrity chef Mario Batali and several of his famous friends (including Sting and Debbie Harry) have already participated.

Naturally, Gwyneth Paltrow got on board because she loves a good trend. Unfortunately for her, unlike steaming your vagina, slowly starving to death for a week is just no damn fun. 

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Gwinnie posted the photo on the right and expected us to believe that’s all she planned to eat for entire week. (Someone should tell her that poor people don’t put seven freakin’ limes in their guac.)

Naturally, she was spotted walking into a pricey LA eatery just two days later, because of course she was.

To be fair, Paltrow wasn’t spotted shoveling food into her mouth like a Dickensian orphan, but are we really expected to believe that she just met up with friends, sat there smelling the delicious smells and didn’t order anything?

This is the same Gwyneth Paltrow whose “working mom” comments have become the gold standard for celebrity idiocy. It’s the same Gwyneth Paltrow who compared Internet hate to war trauma.

Saying she’s out of touch would be like saying the Kardashian sisters have somewhat ample backsides.

It’s nice that Gwyneth pretended to participate and promoted the challenge on her Twitter page, but as usual, it looks like she completely missed the point.