Furious 7: So What Happens to Paul Walker's Character?

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Furious 7 was Paul Walker's final film, and with the premiere of his last ride, we can finally answer the question fans have wondered for almost 18 months:

What happens to his character, Brian O'Conner?

Obviously, the mother of all Furious 7 spoilers awaits, so turn back now if you want to see the movie first. We can tell Walker fans they won't be let down ...

Furious 7 Cast

When Paul Walker tragically died in a car crash in late November 2013 during a break from filming, it wasn't clear if Furious 7 would even be finished.

The producers eventually decided to go ahead and re-write it, but the question of how to end things for Walker's Brian O’Conner was far from simple.

Perhaps Brian, an undercover officer who went on to become a part of this "family" of street racers, would retire, riding off (literally) into the sunset.

Plausible, albeit somewhat unlikely knowing Brian. Or perhaps he could die in a heroic way, giving up his life for those he cared about most.

The problem with that, of course, is that it would be like watching art imitate life, reliving Walker's tragic demise in a way that might polarize audiences.

So what direction did the movie decide on?!

Aided by body doubles and CGI, Brian cheats death as he always has in Furious 7, and the ending may have a few grown men hiding tears.

Seriously. The reason Furious 7 reviews have been so positive is that for all its over-the-top action, it's got real heart, and boy, it wears it with pride.

Brian retires, and while he doesn't say as much, the whole crew looks on as he plays with his son and Dom (Vin Diesel) says “things will be different” now.

The film then basically acknowledges that Walker has died, a risky move blending fiction with reality, but providing the chance for a moving tribute.

After his pensive reflection following the gripping final action sequences, Dom gets up to leave without saying goodbye, only to have Brian chase him down.

Paying homage to 2001's The Fast and the Furious, the duo revs up for a race, and we are treated to a montage of Walker from all the past Fast films.

By the time that's over, it's suddenly really dusty in theaters as we watch both Brian and Dom, and "brothers" Paul Walker and Vin Diesel say goodbye.

Vin Diesel named his daughter after Paul and has been open about how much Walker meant to him. In that respect, this was pretty much perfect.

The movie's final scene shows Dom and Brian racing in the streets from above until they reach a fork in the road, and veer off in opposite directions.

As the screen fades to black from this simple, yet profound and emotional parting of ways, the words “For Paul” appear just before the credits roll.

For fans of the franchise, it's pretty awesome.

Vin may be reaching a bit when he says Furious 7 deserves an Oscar, but he and the rest of the team can certainly hold their heads high after this.

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