Fast and Furious 7 Reviews: 2 Awesome 2 Miss?

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Furious 7 hits theaters on Friday.

It's a film that will likely be remembered no matter what, due to the death of Paul Walker and the fact that this marks his final appearance on the big screen.

But is it also a film that will be remembered due to its quality? Let's find out, due to a number of Furious 7 reviews from a number of movie critics around the nation...

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A slim excuse, and a perfectly good one, for trotting around the globe, blowing up drones in Los Angeles and sending Lebanese sports cars crashing through Abu Dhabi skyscrapers. - Rafer Guzman

Furious 7 is the biggest, silliest movie in the "Fast and Furious" franchise, officially transforming the series into "The Avengers" with muscle cars. But what's wrong with big and silly? - Jacob Hall

Car racing, vengeance, logic-defying stunts and stuff blowing up. Too much stuff blowing up, really. We came for the cars and their reckless, gorgeous drivers; we can get explosions anywhere. - Sara Stewart

The most gleefully meat-headed franchise going has intersected with real-life tragedy and handled it with surprising grace. Meat-headed grace, sure, but grace nonetheless. - Simon Miraudo

I daresay Furious 7 is best of the lot since the original. Fasten your seatbelts, suspend your disbelief, and enjoy the ride!  - Staci Layne Wilson

You'll end up so unashamedly engrossed by Furious 7 that you'll forgive its blatant disregard of narrative, subtlety and gravity and just enjoy and appreciate the rollicking ride for what it is. - Greg Wakeman

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