Fast and Furious 7 Release Labeled "Bittersweet" by Paul Walker's Brother

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Paul Walker died over a year ago, but the actor's memory remains alive and well.

Especially today.

That's because Furious 7 has been released in theaters around the nation, marking the final time Walker (who died in a car accident in late 2013) will be seen on screen.

Caleb and Cody Walker

"I’m happy it’s over. It’s bittersweet," younger brother Cody Walker told Us Weekly at the Furious 7 premiere. "It was something that so many people put their heart and soul into and now everyone can see it. It was a good way to close the chapter."

Cody, 26, stepped in and filmed a few scenes in Furious 7 after his sibling tragically passed away.

The part-time actor saw the movie for the first time at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Wednesday night, and clearly did not agree with any negative Fast and Furious 7 reviews out there.

"I loved it!" he said. "It’s a Fast movie - that’s what people want to see! They had to out-do the sixth movie."

Cody walked the red carpet of the premiere with his brother, Caleb, pictured above.

"I’ve known everyone in the cast since I was like 11," Cody told Us. "Just from being around them. But I didn’t know them like I do now. I hadn’t worked with them before, so we are much closer now."

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