Farrah Abraham to Gary Shirley: Can You Even SEE Your Penis?!

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If you watched Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 5 last night, then you know there were two twists in the most memorable hour this season:

First, Farrah Abraham returned (which wasn't really a surprise, as MTV has been hyping her comeback for weeks). Then, Amber Portwood openly discussed Gary Shirley's penis without causing every one in the vicinity to vomit uncontrollably!

If that's not a shocker, we don't known what is.

Gary Shirley of Teen Mom
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Of course, between the drama on screen and our exclusive Farrah Abraham interview, you might be feeling all Farrah-ed out today, and we're sure you could happily go the rest of your life without ever hearing about Gary's peen again, but we've got one last piece of awfulness to make your Tuesday just a little more depressing:

Tweeting at Shirley during the show, Farrah asked, "Can you even see your penis anymore? Is that really your baby?"

Now, we're not exactly huge Gary Shirley fans, but we've gotta hand it to the dude for his perfect response to Farrah's diss:

"Yes I can see it!" he tweeted. "Just as well as everyone can see your money maker!"

Sure, the "Farrah Abraham is a porn star" joke is a little cheap and obvious, but it really worked perfectly here. When you're dealing with someone like Farrah, just stating the truth make make for the biggest burn of all. 

Watch Teen Mom online at TV Fanatic for more of these two trainwrecks and their cringe-worthy shenanigans.

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