Farrah Abraham: Studying to Become Plastic Surgeon?!

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Teen Mom: OG cast member Farrah Abraham is reportedly considering another career path, and one she knows plenty about from personal experience.

No, not porn.

Sources say the 23-year-old is studying to become a plastic surgeon (seriously), and has begun an apprenticeship with her mentor, Dr. Sergio Alvarez.

Farrah Abraham at the MTV Movie Awards

Farrah tells TMZ this is her career goal, and she's so serious about this, she will soon be sitting in on cosmetic procedures with the aforementioned doctor.

She's not even lying or stretching the truth for once, which may be the most remarkable part of this article. Alvarez confirms he is bringing her on board!

The one and only Farrah Abraham really will shadow him this summer at his Miami medical office as he does his thing. What does that entail exactly?

She will reportedly see the master embark on the butt lift, nose job, and the all-encompassing "Mommy Makeover" i.e. tummy tuck, boob job and liposuction.

Basically, all the things Farrah Abraham has already had done or probably will someday, given her extensive track record in this arena. (She's 23!)

This fact is not lost on her. She believes her personal experiences - like Farrah's lip injection disaster that we can never unsee - will help her help others.

Maybe so, but becoming a practicing plastic surgeon in her own right will require a lot more than being the right-hand man of an actual plastic surgeon.

Will she follow through on that? Or does Farrah have too many other business ventures going on to commit to it? Will she get paid to have another kid?

Only time will tell, fans. Only time will tell.

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