Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom Co-Stars: They Can All Eat My S--t!!!

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Farrah Abraham gave an interview today, and you know what that means: nonsensical word vomit and weird, random trash-talking!

Farrah's interviews are always a big mess of quotable gold, but this one might be one of her best ever. The shade-throwing here might actually be more entertaining than when she asked Gary Shirley if he can see his penis.

Farrah Abraham Wears Clothes

YouTube personality Shane Dawson says he paid $2,000 (?!?!?) for the privilege of sitting down with Farrah and we're sure he wasn't disappointed, as she delivered her signature brand of Palin-esque gibberish right from the start.

For example when Dawson asked Farrah about her "cult following," the divine Ms. Abraham replied, "I don't think I'm into cults."

Yes, just like in our recent exclusive interview with Farrah (and every other time she's ever spoken out loud), she doesn't always make a whole lot of sense or seem to know what's going on, but that's nothing new.

What really sets this discussion apart, is the hardcore smackdown Farrah lays upon her Teen Mom co-stars, seemingly for no reason at all:

Asked about her thoughts on the fact that the other Teen Moms didn't want Farrah on the show (a topic she's discussed calmly and rationally in the past), Farrah absolutely went off:

"I don't even deal with it!" Farrah said. "I have lived amongst it and they can all eat my sh-t! F-ck 'em! I love how people can act like they can make money and provide for their families when really, I've made the way for them."

Jeez, Farrah. Tell us what you really think! Actually, why don't you tell us if you really think?

Watch Teen Mom online at TV Fanatic for more Farrah-isms that you can use to impress and baffle your friends.

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