Farrah Abraham Exclusive: Teen Mom Firebrand Teases "Thrilling Journey," Reveals Which Co-Star is a Hater

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Farrah Abraham says her long-awaited return to Teen Mom: OG, which we'll see in just a few hours marks an emotional and exciting chapter in her life.

She also says it's time to close the book on the MTV franchise after this season.

The controversial 23-year-old reality star, sex tape star and author previewed tonight's episode and beyond with The Hollywood Gossip this week.

What did we learn from Farrah Abraham? You might be surprised ...

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Those of us who saw the explosive, already-infamous Teen Mom sneak peek of her freaking out know that we're in for a wild ride beginning this evening.

What made her so upset, though? Was it frustration with producers about being cut loose from the show, then asked back, as many have speculated?

Not entirely.

"I know due to editing a comment by my father Michael was left out," she says, adding that this combined with other factors, leading to her "tears of frustration."

Farrah also says reports of the Teen Mom cast being upset by her return are misguided ... mostly. One co-star in particular has been hating, and hard.

"Amber did not care and found it odd I was not apart of the show," she says, while "Catelynn was persuaded by Maci to view my coming back as negative."

This struck Farrah as bizarre, given that Catelynn Lowell, with whom she had mended fences, and fiance Tyler Baltierra "seemed excited on their own at first."

Maci Bookout, according to Farrah, "did her best to have a negative outlook on me coming back as you will see through the season their ending responses."

Abraham's thoughts on the rebooted franchise in general are mixed.

"I feel like there is a Time and place for Teen Mom OG," which she says will show fans the "true story" of how these young women have come of age.

On the flip side, it's time for the show to run its course and move on.

"Beyond this I don't feel that Teen Mom shows need to continue," Abraham adds, teasing the major life changes she and her daughter are going through.

"Teen Mom fans will get to see the thrilling journey Sophia and I are on, from moving from Iowa, to Austin, Texas, and how we balance with our exciting lives."

"From type of schooling choices, family relationships, and work opportunities," Farrah promises viewers, "it will be a season unlike any another."

Her mother, Debra Danielson, and Farrah "have come a long way" and despite the tension tonight, the show "helped us make changes for the better."

Abraham also dished a little on her new beau Simon Saran, who she's been with for five months after meeting him at a charity gala in San Diego last year.

"We equally do business," she says, noting that dating a celebrity with her resume is a non-factor. "He has no issues with me being a business woman."

Farrah's next career pursuit is her plastic surgery apprenticeship, a story that has gained a good deal of traction on the web in the last several days.

"After years of utilizing plastic surgery for positive changes in my life," she says of this endeavor. "I've seen it help me as a person and help my life thrive."

"I look forward to becoming the best plastic surgeon I can be, to impact others lives and families ... that is my passion."

Bigger than all of that, though, is her #1 job: Mom. "I'm most proud being an amazing parent to Sophia and that is above everything else," she says.

"I will say being a top reality star and celebrity has been the most exciting but has truly coached me to becoming the best business woman I can be."

"I'm happy to be self-made and never stop learning."

As for any misconceptions about her that people might have read or heard, and she'd like to clear up, once and for all? Let's her her answer that in closing ...

"Can we all yell it, 'PORN PORN PORN' ... I'm not in the porn industry but I do have novelty items being produced that I've won an award for  given my celebrity sex tape [sales]."

Tune in tonight to MTV to see all the drama go down and watch Teen Mom online to see Farrah's return and catch up on past episodes anytime, anywhere.

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