Farrah Abraham Cracks Fat-Shaming Joke on Twitter; Fans Are Not Amused

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Farrah Abraham isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but for some reason, she insists on attempting to express herself through the written word.

Farrah has written erotic novels, Christian parenting guides, and over 6,000 tweets, all of which are equally dumb.

Fittingly, on April Fools' Day, Farrah outdid herself with the following photo:

Farrah Abraham Milkshake Photo

You see, it's not the pic itself that's controversial. (Although, it is interesting that Farrah can look like a porn star even when she's fully dressed.) No, it's the caption that Farraw wrote that has some fans seriously pissed:

"I drank this shake #AprilFools"

Now, unless Farrah is lactose intolerant or a big fan of There Will Be Blood, we're gonna assume the joke here is that she would never drink this milkshake because, "Ew, gross. That's, like, fat people food."

Many of Farrah's followers picked up on the fact that joking about how ridiculous it is to occasionally indulge in desert could send a bad message to young female fans (which hopefully, Farrah doesn't have), and they made their thoughts known on her page:

"Oh, because you drank one milkshake you'll get fat? Eating disorder!"

"OMG you're messed up! You're a mother! Act like one!"

"You misspelled [semen]."

That last one didn't really have anything to do with Farrah's alleged fat-shaming, but how could we leave it out?

Frankly, we don't think Farrah meant any harm here, although, like most of the commenters, we're not sure what about this joke was supposed to be funny.

So don't be offended by Farrah's insensitivity toward overweight individuals; be offended by her idiocy!

Oh, and don't go on Twitter and accuse people of having eating disorders. Like Farrah, that's not cool, or funny, or something that the world should have to tolerate.

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