Botched Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Bacon Bra Brouhaha

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Tuesday night on E!, Botched Season 2 Episode 3 was entitled "The Bacon Bra."

Our recap could begin and end with that simple, profound statement of fact.

There was a whole lot else going on, though, and here's the rundown ...

When you watch Botched online this week, you will meet Lauren Powers, a pro body builder who now wants to come across looking softer. Feminine.

After years of growth hormones and, well, botched surgeries, can it be done?

Neither of our venerable stars, Terry Dubrow or Paul Nassif, believe Lauren is being honest with them, which poses a heightened level of risk.

Speaking of risk ... patient Katella wants to look like a blow-up doll. Really.

She actually wants to appear as plastic as an actual sex doll. A fake, cartoonish look is what she's aspiring for, and hopes the docs will give her.

And we thought the Nicole Eggert Botched episode last week was wild.

That's not really Terry and Paul's methodology, however. More along the lines of what the duo is looking for is what their next patient Barri needs.

Her last nose job was beyond bad. Like beyond. Paul is on the case.

Barriā€™s nose had begun to show discoloration in surgery, but later, Barri was more than happy with the results. Score one for the Botched bros.

As for Lauren, her surgery was a success despite her initial lies. Not mentioning that she had taken steroids so recently could've been terrible.

And Katella? This woman needs help on several different levels.

Despite the guys wanting to talk her out of becoming a doll (thank goodness), they knew she was being botched by someone else and they had to act.

How did they resolve this on Botched Season 2 Episode 3?

Follow the link above to see the episode for yourself and find out, and scroll through some epic celebrity plastic surgery fails in the gallery below ...

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