Botched Recap, Deleted Scene: Nicole Eggert Works Out with WHAT?!?

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Nicole Eggert hasn't run in slow motion in a very long time.

The former Baywatch babe, who once dated Corey Haim and whose red swimsuited body was formerly lusted after by millions of male teenagers, has packed on the pounds of late for two main reasons:

  1. A thyroid problem.
  2. A couple botched breast enhancement procedures.

The latter made Eggert a prime candidate for the E! reality series Botched, on which she appeared Tuesday night and during which she worked out in a unique way:

By using silicone breast implants as free weights!

In the above deleted scene, we see Eggert pull out these items in order to illustrate to her personal trainer just how top heavy she's become.

"Oh my God! That's crazy," the trainer says as she curls the implants. "No wonder you're off-balance all the time."

During the episode, Eggert consults with Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, asking them to bring her DDs down a few notches.

You can watch Botched online (below) to see how this appointment went, but it was highlighted by Nassif saying "my left hand is the perfect full C [cup.]."

How does he know this?

"What can I say? I was single 'til I was 40 - I've held a lot of boobs in my lifetime."

Well, okay then!

Fortunately for Eggert, she's far from alone when it comes to embarrassing plastic surgery stories or photos. She can take comfort in the following examples:

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