Big Sean: Ariana Grande-Justin Bieber Groping STAGED to Hurt Me!!

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Big Sean feels the now-infamous Ariana Grande-Justin Bieber groping on stage embrace was absolutely a deliberate, scripted event, and one meant to hurt him.

The circumstances aren't quite what you might assume, however.

According to TMZ, citing sources close to the rapper, they had broken up before JB's come-from-behind douche pawing of the pretty pop star.

Sean, 27, claims it was he who broke off the relationship because Ariana, 21, was "immature." If what he alleges is true, he may well be correct.

Did Ariana dump Sean for Justin? No. It was already over (and we doubt she and Justin are hittin' it now), but she and Sean were still close.

The Big fella was open to reconciliation when Bieber jumped on stage in L.A., a move he believes she calculated to hurt him after he called it off.

If so, that's pretty lame, and not just because it involves Bieber touching her.

Who the heck does that? Anyway, Bieber aside, things started to go south in February, when Bing Sean booked the House of Blues in West Hollywood.

Kanye, J. Lo, Chris Brown, Jay Z, Tyga, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, even Bieber - everyone showed up for what was the biggest gig of his career.

Everyone but Ariana, who had to get ready for the Grammys ... the next day.

Sean found this extremely selfish, along with the fact that he traveled to see her "10 times more" than she went to see him over the course of their romance.

His camp says she once demanded he blow tens of thousands of dollars on a private jet to see her, and Sean, who grew up with very little, was not impressed.

Bottom line, if you buy this: Ariana Grande is a spendthrift, self-absorbed, conniving diva who uses Justin Bieber to get back at her ex-boyfriend.

Maybe his instincts were on point in this case as well as with Naya.

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