Ariana Grande on Big Sean Breakup: I'm Good I Promise!

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As we previously, devastatingly told you, Ariana Grande and Big Sean broke up this week after eight months of electric chemistry and romance together.

Fortunately, she seems to be holding up alright. The Arianator sent her 28 million followers a quick message on Twitter letting them know she's hanging in.

"I love u babes so much," she wrote in a tweet she has since deleted. "You're a bunch of angels honestly. your love / care is appreciated so much."

"I'm good i promise."

The fan-favorite couple split very quietly and amicably several weeks ago. No reason or detail was given, and publicly at least, there was no scandal.

According to their reps, who released a joint exclusive statement about it Monday, April 20: "They both deeply care for each other and remain close friends."

According to one insider, the time-honored busy / conflicting schedules excuse is being used in explaining away the pop star and rapper's breakup.

Does that mean they might get back together one day? Possible, of course. But for now, Ariana, 21, and Sean, 27, are single and ready to mingle.

"They made the decision to part ways because their conflicting touring schedules would keep them apart for most of the next year," the source said.

Fair. But still surprising.

The fan-favorite couple had been close prior to turning romantic after she broke up with Jai Brooks and he called off his engagement to Naya Rivera.

There was even talk about Ariana and Sean getting engaged, which was not true of course, but they gushed about each other in interviews frequently.

The social media-savvy pair became increasingly comfortable sharing their feelings online, as well, and Sean just recently called Ariana his "best friend."

It doesn't seem like a case of two people gradually growing apart, which makes you wonder if Justin Bieber groping Ariana on stage was behind this.

Ha, okay, not really.

There's no way that douche made any difference at all. But the timing and abruptness of the split is sure to give way to a lot of wild speculation like that.

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