21 Sizzling Superheroes: Here They Come to Save Our Day!

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It's ironic, isn't it?

Superheroes are meant to save the day, to ensure that the hearts of citizens around the world continue to beat on a regular basis.

And yet the actors and actresses behind these roles are so attractive that they practically make our collective hearts stop. It's enough to make you think, huh?

And definitely enough to make you drool!

Having already documented 17 sizzling superheroes on the small screen, we're back to show you what various big screen stars are CAPE-able of.

The featured gallery above makes it clear that Avengers aren't just good at playing Family Feud; they also excel at making our pulses race.

There are photos of characters you may have forgotten about (because their movies sucked), along with the only husband and wife to have both portrayed a movie superhero.

Heck, one of them has portrayed two movie superheroes.

Can you guess who it is? Actually, why bother?!? Find out for certain by cycling through this sexy collection of snapshots now.

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