19 Kids and Counting Season 15 Episode 14 Recap: Jessa and Ben Seewald Honeymoon Edition!

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Not even 12 hours after we learned that Ben Seewald got Jessa Duggar pregnant, 19 Kids and Counting Season 15 Episode 14 aired last night on TLC.

Perhaps fittingly, the installment focused on Jessa and Ben's honeymoon in Europe - their first excursion of any kind, really, without chaperones! Or side-hugs!

Let's recap how that went for the smitten Arkansas newlyweds ...

April 21 was a big day for baby news, as a Duggar pregnancy was announced on 19 Kids and Counting Season 15 Episode 14, but it wasn't Jessa's.

As we know, Anna Duggar is pregnant as well. With baby #4!

This week was all about Jessa and Ben, though, as they jetted off to Europe for their honeymoon, while the other Duggars renovated their future home.

"It's safe to say that if you're in a Duggar home you're probably not far from a box of pregnancy tests," said Jill Duggar, tellingly and, well, truthfully.

Meanwhile, Ben and Jessa took in the sights of Paris, France, where they visited the Eiffel Tower and we learned all about Ben's fear of heights.

Said Jessa of helping her man cope with this phobia:

"That's what couples are for, you know? In life you've just gotta help each other stand up and face your fears and do things you normally wouldn't do."

Truer words have never been spoken.

In Rome, they learned how to make fresh pasta from scratch, while the instructor could not get over the fact that she has 18 brothers and sisters.

Unless you watch 19 Kids and Counting online, it is hard to believe. Jessa says she's a terrible cook, but Ben takes the blame for distracting her.

They're very sweet, as they also showed us again in Venice, where they rode across canals and hit up some vintage stores. Not a bad tour they're on.

Well, until they tried the cliched feed-the-pigeons thing all tourists think sounds like a good idea ... until being swarmed by 400 foul and aggressive birds.

Back home in Arkansas, the Duggars were getting Jessa and Ben's home - formerly Josh and Anna's home - ready for their arrival. That was a tall order.

Overrun with mold, the place needed to be gutted, which could've been a crushing blow had it not been for the small army of laborers they employ.

And by employ we mean feed.

Yes, having 18 siblings has its advantages, and Jessa was "blown away" by their efforts, both when it came to their manual labor and along decorative lines.

A good thing, too ... there will be another person living with them soon enough! Jim Bob says the family will grow from 29 to 31 by the end of 2015!

That's a lot of Duggars ...

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